"Dragon Rage is fast-paced destruction, like Rampage meets Dynasty Warriors, or Godzilla on crack!" - Derek Laufman (@laufman)

Had a bad day and need to vent some frustration? This game is for you.

Tear the #!@$ out of a mountain-top village as the King sends out his royal army to try to stop you and protect his kingdom. The more villagers you devour, the stronger you get. Fill your belly and enter Rampage Mode where you can unleash mass destruction!

Devour enough villagers to fill your Egg Meter and you'll lay eggs that hatch baby dragons to help you tear it up and keep your destruction combo going. Terrorize the village enough and the royal family themselves will come out to rally their troops with buffs!

I like itch.io for distributing free games/demos, but I don't like the lack of automatic refund handling and I wouldn't want you to be stuck with a game you weren't happy with

so grab Dragon Rage on Steam here:


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